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Bring Your Blockchain Vision to Life With LbankLabs 

Got a blockchain / Web3 project that could use a boost? This is your spot. we're excited to hear about your innovative ideas. Submit your project, and let's explore how we can scale it together.

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Benefit From Our Blockchain Expertise and Extensive Network

Start by introducing us to your blockchain project. Detail its innovation and potential impact.

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We'll arrange a direct dialogue. It's your opportunity to dive deep into how together.

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Funding and Mentorship

Selected projects get our backing—essential funding and mentorship to thrive in the blockchain world.

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Quick Glance on How We Select Successful Projects

Discover how our PSE Framework guides us in choosing projects destined for success in the Web3 space.



We invest in projects set to dominate their niches, like Lido, which has become the largest DeFi platform by total value locked, showcasing the importance of liquidity in decentralized finance. 



Our target includes projects that establish foundational blockchain infrastructure, such as ERC-1155, a game-changing standard for NFT minting that has expanded Enjin’s reach and market capitalization.



Collaborative growth, we support initiatives like Treasure DAO, the 'Web3 Nintendo,' which cultivates a rich, interactive community, exemplifying how we enhance ecosystems for substantial growth.

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