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Blockchain Investment Strategies at LBank Labs

At LBank Labs, we leverage our blockchain expertise and global network to support and grow innovative projects, forging strong industry relationships and paving the way for the next wave of digital transformation.

Our Unique Investment Approach

The web3 ecosystem remains dispersed, lacking a unified gateway for newcomers. We're on the lookout for visionary builders, and we invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us.

Innovating Through Flexibility

Our Venture Fund model is at the heart of our strategy, designed to transcend traditional investment boundaries. Unlike conventional approaches, we embrace a protocol and exchange-agnostic mindset, enabling us to support a vast spectrum of blockchain projects.

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Our Distinct Investment Perspective: "The Other Angle" 

"The Other Angle" allows us to navigate the complex world of Web3 with a forward-thinking mindset. This perspective is crucial in vibrant forums and industry events where we share our insights, fostering discussions that illuminate our investment philosophy. It's through this lens that we're able to identify projects with the promise to redefine the future of technology.

PSE Framework

Our investment focus adheres to the PSE principles – Platform, Standard, and Ecosystem. These principles are pivotal in nurturing sustainable growth and fostering innovation within Web3.

Platform Focus

At Lbank Labs, we invest in projects poised to become market leaders within their niche. Lido, for instance, stands out as the largest DeFi platform by total value locked (TVL), epitomizing the significance of liquidity in decentralized finance. With a savvy marketing strategy and a focus on user accessibility, Lido outpaces competitors, offering superior technology and a visionary approach to long-term growth. It's the preferred choice for users, boasting a robust TVL of $1.7 billion.

Standard Setting

We target investments in projects that lay down the very infrastructure of blockchain innovation. Take ERC-1155, for example: this standard revolutionizes the minting process for Non-Fungible Tokens, and it's a cornerstone of Enjin's platform. This initiative has propelled the reach of NFTs beyond typical blockchain audiences, bolstering Enjin's market capitalization to $463 million.

Ecosystem Development

Our strategy includes supporting projects that enhance collaborative ecosystems. Treasure DAO is a prime example – a decentralized gaming platform that's been dubbed the 'Web3 Nintendo'. It's a hub where gamers, developers, and investors engage in meaningful dialogue, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in gaming. Their native token, MAGIC, has seen an impressive 4.25x growth in just three months.

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