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Crypto Weekly Market Analysis — Lbank Labs


  • Trading volume decreasing.

  • 7-day liquidation zone: $70,953 — $68,851.

  • Price likely range-bound.

  • Healthy funding rates across exchanges.

  • Spot bidding surge could fuel BTC rally.


  • 0.05 resistance of ETH/BTC wanes.

  • Weak buying interest; ETH ecosystem lacks buzz.

  • Buzz around ETH ETF circulating; consider ETH allocation.

Runes&Ordinals Update:

  • Runes’ BTC halving on watch lists.

  • Runestone’s price nearly doubled.

  • BTC narrative dominates; Ordinals listed on Coinbase, sees upward momentum.

  • Projects like $MUBI resurging.


  • Continues as a hot topic in BTC ecosystem.

  • Solid mid-to-long-term investment.

$BaseMEMEs Update:

  • Base TVL hits $4bn; memes halt downtrend, up 30%.

  • Real money influx or dead cat bounce? Uncertain.


  • Network congestion persists.

  • DEX meme growth slows, but $COST and $PUPS shine.

  • Price dropping because of congestion and testing Fibonacci retracement.


  • Halving drives price up.

  • If macro market stagnant, BCH likely range-bound.

NB: Not a financial Advice!

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