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LBank Labs: Bridging Blockchain and Web3 Innovations

With our diverse $100M fund and a global expertise network from Binance Labs to Consensys, we're turning bold Web3 visions into today's innovative realities.

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Our Team's Legacy and Network

At LBank Labs, our team's diverse expertise—from Binance to Consensys—drives our success in the Web3 space. With a rich network and a shared vision, we're shaping the future of blockchain.
Join us to transform your innovative ideas into reality. Together, we're building tomorrow's digital ecosystems.


Our Strengths: Capital, Vision, and Reach


$100M Fund Available

Dive into our $100M fund designed to supercharge pioneering blockchain ventures fostering growth and innovation across the globe.


Over $1 Billion AUM

With more than $1 billion in AUM and a portfolio spanning 12 funds, we're not just investing; we're building an interconnected Web3 ecosystem.


Across Seven Regions

Our extensive operations and offices across seven key tech hubs, from San Francisco to Shanghai. Offering a unique investment opportunities.

Our Investment Thesis
'The Other Angle'

Our 'The Other Angle' thesis is our compass in the Web3 world, driving us to uncover and invest in what's next, not just what's now. It's about finding those breakthroughs in blockchain that truly shape the future, offering more than just financial support but a vision for where technology can lead us.

Our investment approach is threefold

Fund of Fund Investments

We leverage our Fund of Funds to access a wide array of opportunities. This strategy amplifies our exposure to groundbreaking blockchain technologies and digital asset innovations, ensuring diversification and breadth in our investment portfolio.


Direct Investments

We focus on nurturing early-stage blockchain projects with the potential to disrupt and lead. Our Direct Investments target ventures at the cusp of innovation and growth, providing them with the capital and support needed to turn visionary ideas into reality.


Liquid Projects

Our strategy extends to Liquid Projects that offer immediate market liquidity and stability. This prudent approach balances our portfolio, providing a solid foundation for growth while exploring high-potential ventures in the dynamic Web3 landscape.

Lbanklabs ? Who Are We ?

LBank Labs, operating independently from LBank exchange, leverages a Venture Fund model to invest in the blockchain industry, emphasizing strong industry relationships.
$100 million AUM, and a network including 12 funds leading to $1 Billion+ AUM, LBank Labs focuses on funding, acceleration, and incubation.
Its global presence across
seven regions ensures vast networking opportunities, supporting startups through a protocol and exchange-agnostic approach for significant growth in the Web3 space.

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