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Jumpstart Your Blockchain Project with Lbanklabs

We support entrepreneurial companies pioneering through blockchain technology, turning groundbreaking ideas into tomorrow's solutions.

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Fueling Blockchain Innovation with a $100 Million Fund.

With our $100 Million fund, LBank Labs propels blockchain innovations from pre-seed to early-stage growth, funding the future of decentralization. If you're crafting the next big idea, let's connect to propel your vision forward.

Our Team's World-Class Expertise

Our pride lies in our team – a group of seasoned Web3 experts, each with a prestigious background from leading entities like Binance Labs, Binance NFT,Bitmain, Huobi Listing teams, and Consensys.
It's their expertise and our vast network that drive our success and growth in the blockchain world.


Partnered with Leading Venture Capital Firms

Our Fund of Funds portfolio spans top venture capital firms, each innovating in blockchain.

It's our way of diversifying investments and driving forward-thinking in blockchain investments.
We offer to investors access to a diverse portfolio of blockchain ventures.

Blockchain Venture Capital Fund of Funds

Why Partner with LBankLabs ?

With LBank Labs, your blockchain idea gets more than money: real mentorship and a world of connections await.



Secure financial backing from our $100M fund to kickstart and scale your blockchain venture.



Gain guidance from industry veterans and experts from Binance Labs, Bitmain, and Consensys



Offering access to key industry players, partners, and exclusive opportunities across seven regions

Straightforward Process to Partner with Us


Announce your idea

Kickstart your journey with us by sharing your innovative blockchain project.


Expert Analysis

Our team of blockchain experts will dive deep into your project to assess its potential.


Meet the Team

Meeting with your team to understand how we can align our efforts for mutual success.


Get The Funding

Receive the funding and mentorship needed from our vast resources.

LBankLabs Investment Strategy

P.S.E Framework

This framework guides how we select and invest in blockchain projects


Platform: Leading the Market

We Invest in projects with the potential to lead their market niches.
Investing in leaders like Lido, shaping the future of decentralized finance with unparalleled liquidity and user-first approaches.


Standard: Setting the Bar

Support projects that create foundational infrastructure for blockchain innovation.
Championing groundbreakers like Enjin, who redefine NFT creation and usage, expanding blockchain's horizons.


Ecosystem: Building Together.

We Back projects that foster collaborative and interactive ecosystems.
Supporting collaborative powerhouses like Treasure DAO, the 'Web3 Nintendo,' where gaming and innovation converge.


Accelerate decentralization With Lbanklabs

$100 million AUM currently under our belt, we're well-equipped to help startups take flight.

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