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At LBank Labs, we value the network effect and enjoy building relationships within the industry. That's why we invest in funds, primary projects, and liquid projects. While Lbank as an exchange has over 9 million users globally, LBank Labs remains independent in both structure and operation, and we act entirely in a Venture Fund model. We keep ourselves with a protocol and exchange-agnostic mindset and support projects with direct funding, acceleration, incubation, and networking within our web. Currently, our investment is $100 million AUM, yet we offer direct communication with $1 billion+ AUM through our Fund of Fund network, which consists of 12 funds as of Q1, 2023. As of today, we have operations and offices in 7 global regions such as San Francisco, Dubai, Shanghai, and others.

Let's keep building the network together.


At LBank Labs, we take a bold approach to identify the most promising opportunities in Web3 by looking at the industry through a different lens, besides viewing it by tech stacks or hyped words like gamefi, defi, or others. We believe the next bull run will qualify projects with strong adoption and recognition, and we look for projects with:

  • Strong references towards user adoption aka "Platform"

  • influence as being a standard benchmark for others aka "Standard"

  • A way to lay a foundation towards futures aka "Eco-System"

Therefore, besides the regular criteria, we emphasize the PSE thesis.

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